Nails biting is a very bad habit, but it is different from scratching your genitals (another bad habit that most men practice).


However, nail and finger biting can be very dangerous to your health.

Besides the fact that you will annoy everyone around you, with nail biting you enter in your body a bunch of dirt.

Since nail biting is an unconscious action, certainly you will not pay attention to whether your hands are clean or dirty and you will most likely put them in your mouth when they are full of bacteria that can be very dangerous to your health.

You might have had a stomach pain, nausea or diarrhea because of nail biting but you did not know that nail biting was the real cause.

See how dirty nails look under a microscope and once again consider whether you will continue to bite them: Under the nails you can find salmonella and E. Coli.

In addition, viral warts from your fingers can be transferred on your face and constant nail biting can damage the teeth and gums as well.